Satellite images show bodies on the streets of Bucha 11 days before the Russians left the city
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Russian government claimed that the bodies on the street had been staged by Ukraine.

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies show that bodies were already appearing on Yablonska Street, in Bucha, on March 19. The Ukrainian city was occupied by Russian forces until March 30.

When Ukrainian troops and international journalists entered Bucha, after Ukraine managed to drive the Russians out, they found dozens of bodies in the streets. The bodies showed signs of mistreatment, the hands were tied behind their backs and there were signs that people had been shot dead.

Satellite images also show, according to The New York Times, empty streets in February and, on March 11, bodies strewn about. According to the newspaper, there is evidence that the victims have been on those streets for three weeks, during the Russian occupation.

In Bucha, a mass grave with dozens of dead civilians was also found, near a church.

Source: With Agencies


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