Germany intercepts Russian audios that appear to admit to the Bucha massacre
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In one of the records analyzed by the secret services, a Russian soldier appears to claim that he shot a man on a bicycle. “First you interrogate the soldiers, then you shoot them,” says another soldier. New conversations indicate that this was not an isolated attack.

Germany’s secret services intercepted audio recordings of conversations between Russian military personnel that may prove that the massacre in Bucha, where hundreds of civilians were tortured and executed (some with their hands tied behind their backs), was part of Russia’s plan.

The call logs took place via radio and were analyzed by the German intelligence service, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). Olaf Scholz’s government was informed of the findings on Wednesday. Part of the conversations seem to be related to the murder of civilians in the city of Bucha, writes the German magazine Der Spiegel.

In one of the calls, a Russian military appears to claim that he had just shot a person who was passing by on a bicycle, a statement that corresponds to the photograph of the corpse of a man lying next to a bicycle. In another record, the sentence was detected: “First interrogate the soldiers, then shoot them”.

Moscow has denied Ukraine’s accusations of responsibility for the massacre and blamed Ukrainian soldiers for the attack.

If confirmed, the conclusions of the German services contradict the Kremlin’s speech, as do the statements of several witnesses who witnessed the atrocity.

Apparently, the analyzed material also provides evidence about the participation of Wagner Group mercenaries in the attack on men, women and children. The group was linked to similar attacks in Syria and other countries on the African continent.

In addition to being planned, the records suggest that the massacre in Bucha was not an isolated act or the result of a moment of lack of control of the Russian military offensive, since the troops discussed the attacks as if they were talking about daily life, writes the newspaper, citing sources familiar with the process.

The same sources further add that the killing of civilians has become a standard element of Russia’s “special military operation” and may be part of a broader strategy. The aim is to spread fear among the population and make Ukrainian forces give up fighting enemy troops.

At the moment, more audio messages are being analyzed, advances Der Spiegel. Tracing the location of the records is difficult, but some of the recordings seem to hark back to the attacks in the city of Mariupol.

Source:with agencies

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