Who is Azatbek Omurbekov, responsible for the Bucha massacre?
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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation says the battalion led by Aztabek Omubekov left Bucha at the end of March.

Lieutenant Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov is the man blamed for the Bucha massacre, which continues to shock the world, prompting several countries to intensify sanctions on Russia.

But where is now the ‘Bucha butcher’?

Azatbek Omubekov will be around 40 years old and belongs to the Russian Federation’s army unit in the Khabarovsk region, in the east of the country. In 2014, the lieutenant colonel received a medal of merit from the hands of the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulkagov.

The information is advanced by InformNapalm on Telegram, where it regularly publishes content about the activity of Kremlin troops on Ukrainian territory. The page is maintained by a group of international volunteers and has disclosed Azatbek Omurbekov’s personal data, including his email, telephone number and address.

Azatbek Omurbekov commanded precisely the 64th Artillery Brigade of the Russian Army, identified as the main involved in the occupation of the city of Bucha.

Omurbekov, the unit this man leads, was blessed by a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in November before being sent to Ukraine. The institution has been criticized for failing to condemn Putin’s invasion.

“History shows us that we fight most of our battles with our souls. Weapons are not the most important thing. The church is where we can commune and prepare for what is to come. With God’s blessing, we hope to get where our ancestors did”, said the ‘Butcher of Loofah’ after the religious ceremony in which he was blessed, according to the Times of London.

The Russian Defense Ministry says the battalion led by Aztabek Omubekov left Bucha at the end of March and is in Belarus, but several Western intelligence services believe that Omubekov is preparing to lead attacks against key cities in the north and eastern Ukraine as Kharkiv.

Ukrainian authorities last weekend discovered hundreds of bodies in civilian clothes in Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, after the withdrawal of Russian forces, which they blamed for the deaths.

Images released show dead bodies on the street, some with their hands tied behind their backs, partially mutilated or thrown into mass graves. Some bodies showed signs of execution.

Source: with agencies

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