Boeing 787-9 with ‘ultra premium’ configuration will be American’s new bet
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Once restrictions are lifted and Boeing resumes deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, American Airlines will be the destination for many of the new examples. And, in the company, they should arrive with a novelty and more internal space, according to leaked information seen by the American media suggest.

According to PaxEx aviation journalist Seth Miller, the Boeing 787-9 model aircraft should arrive with first-class suites, which will result in a drastic reduction in the number of seats, compared to the planes currently in the fleet.

According to the project, there would be 51 business class suites, 32 premium seats, 18 extra legroom seats, and 143 standard economy seats. With that, the total capacity of the aircraft would be 244 passengers, against the 285 of the configuration currently in use.

Along with this novelty, would also come to the presentation of a new business class seat, the details of which remain under wraps. For now, the only confirmation that the document brought was that such a seat would reach a new level in the company, with sliding doors (in the style of the suites of several Asian companies and British Airways) and total privacy for the traveler.

If all goes well and Boeing has the FAA’s clearance to deliver the aircraft again, the expectation is that the new configuration will be inaugurated in 2023. With that, the Boeing 787-9 could be placed on some stretches with a greater number of passengers premium, including London and São Paulo.

Source: with agencies

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