One of the biggest scams in the history of espionage. Ukraine Accessed Russian Secret Service Files
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Ukraine won another victory against Russia, this time in the field of espionage. This week, Ukraine’s intelligence services took advantage of a breach in the Russian spy wall – one of the biggest in the history of the secret services – and accessed the FSB’s files, reports El Mundo. Ukraine has published the identities of 620 Russian secret agents.

The list was published on the Ukrainian government website. Among the exposed data of Russian secret agents are names, addresses, telephone numbers, passport numbers, job titles, and even the registration numbers of their cars.

Ukraine did not reveal which group of hackers managed to access the files. The publication of the list on the Internet aims to make known to other countries the names of agents who may be infiltrated their territories. “Each European must know their names,” the Ukrainian government said.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several European Union countries have expelled Russian diplomats on suspicion of being spies. In total, more than 400 people who worked in Russian diplomatic representations in European bloc countries have already returned to Moscow.

Overall, the war in Ukraine is not going well for Russian intelligence. Sergey Markov, a former adviser to Vladimir Putin, revealed three weeks ago that the failure to take Kyiv was due to an operation by Ukrainian intelligence services. Ukrainian intelligence allowed Russian secret agents to continue spying, despite having identified them for several months.

Ukrainian intelligence services provided misinformation, mixed with little real data and of little strategic value, to Russian secret agent sources. The false information that reached Russian intelligence suggested, as Markov recounted, that “Ukraine would not defend itself in the event of a Russian invasion”.

It was from this false information that the Kremlin devised its strategy to take Kyiv in three days.

Source: With Agencies

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