Turkey closes airspace to Russian civilian and military flights to Syria
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Turkey’s Foreign Minister stresses that his country is not participating in sanctions against Russia.

Turkey this month closed its airspace to Russian civilian flights to Syria, announced the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavusoglu, noting that his country is not participating in sanctions against Russia.

“We have closed our airspace not only to Russian military flights but also to civilian flights bound for Syria,” the minister said in statements to the media at the beginning of a seven-day trip to Latin America, according to the Turkish air station. NTV television.

“We gave quarterly permits. There was permission until April. Our President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) said (to his Russian counterpart Vladimir) Putin. Then the flights stopped”, explained the head of Turkish diplomacy.Çavusoglu stressed that Turkey does not participate in the sanctions against Russia that the European Union imposed following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“If a (Russian) company wants to come and do business, it only has to act in accordance with our laws and international legislation,” he said.Çavusoglu said that Russia and Ukraine are still in talks to achieve peace, but these are “ delicate negotiations, conducted through discreet diplomatic doors,” he said.

The Turkish minister arrived in Montevideo, where he met his Uruguayan counterpart, Francisco Bustillo, at the first stop of a trip that will take him to Brazil, first to São Paulo, today, and tomorrow to Brasília, then to Ecuador, on Tuesday. on Wednesday to Colombia, on Wednesday to Panama, and on Thursday to Venezuela, from where he will return to Turkey on Friday.

Source: With Agencies

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