Armenian counter-intelligence arrests serviceman for high treason
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The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia says it arrested a military servicemember on suspicion of high treason.

The NSS military counter-intelligence and investigative Department uncovered that the suspect, who is an officer, has been recruited by foreign intelligence services and gathered and transferred classified information to them.

The suspect was paid 1400 dollars for gathering and transferring the identification information, phone numbers of his fellow cadets who graduated the military academy abroad, the command staff of his service base, the command staff of its rocket-artillery division and the composition of the members of delegation who left to participate in the Expo-Military exhibition. The suspect also provided the foreign intelligence services with the list of staffers at a division of a military base, the number of rocket systems deployed there, as well as the materiel losses of the 2020 war, the sites of deployment of rocket-artillery systems, military exercise training grounds and details from the command of the drills.

In addition, the same serviceman is suspected in negligence during combat service in the 2020 war where he served as deputy commander of an artillery battery and his actions led to being compromised and destroyed by enemy bombardment.

Moreover, the suspect continued spying for the foreign intelligence services after the war and was paid to convey information on imported armaments, number and types of munitions.

The suspect, having security clearance, obtained classified military maps of a military base in order to hand it over to the foreign intelligence services for 8000 dollars, but failed to do so and was arrested.

The NSS arrested the suspect on charges of high treason and he confessed in his testimony.

Source: Armenpress

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