Sweden will invest almost three billion extra for defense this year

All parliamentary parties agree to strengthen the Swedish defense by almost SEK 3 billion in 2022. This should be seen as part of the work to be done to achieve up to 2% of GDP, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said in an interview collective.

Two billion Swedish kronor will be spent on military defense and 800 million on civil defence. The money will, among other things, fund defense equipment, ammunition, and weapons systems.

The result will be that we can strengthen the capacity in Gotland and increase the number of officers in the Armed Forces, Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said during a press conference at the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday (16/3).

The funds will also streamline the supply of fuel and ammunition, as well as the acquisition of vehicles and equipment.

According to Peter Hultqvist, the negotiations were constructive and goal-oriented.

– It is a force that all parliamentary parties have agreed and supported this agreement, says Peter Hultqvist.

The 2% target
The Armed Forces will also be authorized to order defense equipment worth SEK 30.9 billion ($3.1 billion) by 2030. This may involve equipment with longer order times, such as anti-aircraft missiles and various crawler vehicles.

– This should be seen as part of the work to be done to reach up to 2% of GDP, says Peter Hultqvist.

The Defense Committee will meet again soon to discuss when and how the 2% target will be achieved.



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