Finland hits ‘point of no return’ in NATO membership
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The information director of the STT agency considers that Finland’s accession to NATO has reached a point of no return: “if Finland retreated, Russia would interpret it as a victory”, she defends.

Finland has not yet made the decision to join NATO, but the issue has begun to be discussed in Parliament and the feeling that is experienced in the country is that “the point of no return” has been reached.

“There is no going back,” Minna Holopainen, information director at the Finnish news agency STT, told Lusa. “If Finland were to back down now, Russia would interpret it as a victory and NATO would never understand it.”

And she adds: “if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not a good reason for this decision, what could be”?

The same question was raised by Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (a member of the Greens party), who stated in an interview with the YLE Ykkkösaamu television channel that “the NATO option would become more theoretical and its threshold too high if were it not for this circumstance in which we used it”.

Source: With Agencies

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