US Secretary of State says war showed power of US diplomacy
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Blinken highlighted the US role in supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and highlighted “strategic opportunities” for diplomacy to ensure this war is a “failure” for the Kremlin.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “highlighted the power and purpose of diplomacy” of the United States (US), stressing that he was “proud” of his country’s role.

In a statement sent to newsrooms about his hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Joe Biden’s government budget proposal for the State Department, Blinken took the opportunity to describe his impressions of the conflict in Ukraine, where he was this week. .

On the train journey through Ukraine, “we saw miles and miles of Ukrainian camps, territory that just a few months ago the Russian government thought it could take in a matter of weeks — now firmly Ukrainian,” said the Secretary of State.

“The Ukrainians have won the battle for Kiev and for all the suffering they have lived through, for all the carnage that Russia’s brutal invasion continues to inflict, Ukraine has been and will continue to be a free and independent country. It is impossible not to be moved by what the Ukrainians have achieved. It is also impossible not to believe that they will continue to be successful because they know what they fight for,” he added.

Blinken thus highlighted the role of the US in supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, stating that he is convinced “that they must not give up”, and it is up to the State Department to boost diplomacy and “seize strategic opportunities”, at a time when countries are to “reconsider its policies, priorities and relationships”.

“Our diplomacy is gathering allies and partners around the world to join us in supporting Ukraine with security, economic and humanitarian assistance; imposing massive costs on the Kremlin; strengthen our security and collective defence; addressing the growing global consequences of the war, including the current food and refugee crises,” he said, quoted in a statement.

“The budget request before the committee predated this crisis, but fully funding it is critical, in my opinion, to ensuring that Russia’s war in Ukraine is a strategic failure for the Kremlin and serves as a powerful lesson for those who can. consider going your own way.”

Source: With Agencies

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