Mario Draghi says Lavrov’s interview with Italian media was “a rally”
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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi criticized this Monday the first interview given by the Russian Foreign Minister to a European media since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, accusing Italian television of having held “a rally”.

“It was talked about in an interview, but it was really a rally. We have to ask ourselves whether it is acceptable to invite a person who asks to be interviewed without any contradiction. This is not very professional”, pointed out the head of the Italian government.

Draghi spoke to journalists after the Council of Ministers, where a package worth 14 billion euros was approved to help families and companies in the face of rising prices in Italy.

“In Italy, there is freedom to express opinions, even when they are obviously false and aberrant. What [Sergei] Lavrov said is aberrant. And as for the part where it refers to Hitler, it’s really obscene”, he stressed.

Source: With Agencies

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