UK : Boris Johnson loses over a hundred seats in local elections
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Labor won several historic townships from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party in Thursday’s local elections, including Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet.

The three London townships had been Tory-controlled for several decades, in the case of Westminster since its creation in 1964.

The mayor of London City Council, Sadiq Khan, stressed the importance of the victory in Wandsworth, in south London, a municipality initially conquered by Margaret Thatcher and maintained throughout various Party leaderships for 44 years.

“This night was made history,” he said, attributing the result to “a combination of [Labour party leader] Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer.”

However, for the time being, gains have been limited in the rest of England, where part of the bulletin count does not start until today, along with Scotland and Wales.

The Conservatives’ poor performance also benefited other opposition parties, such as the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

At 7:00 am today, when half of the ballots in the 146 municipalities that went to vote were counted, the Labor Party had elected 1,189 councilors, the Conservative 535, the Liberal Democrats 257 and the Greens 39.

In the south, Southampton also became Labour, while in Hull, in the north, there was a majority of Liberal Democrats.

Elections were held in 146 of the 333 municipalities in England and in all 32 counties in Scotland and 22 in Wales to elect thousands of councillors.

In Northern Ireland, the 90 members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, whose composition will determine the leadership of the self-governing government, are at stake.

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