Taiwan sends fighter jets in response to Chinese aircraft entering its air defense space

Taiwan’s air force has deployed fighter jets to warn 18 Chinese aircraft that have entered its air defense space, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said. According to Reuters, this type of incursions by aircraft from China has been recurrent in the last two years, something that has infuriated the Taiwanese government.

This was an incursion with significantly fewer planes than the 39 detected by Taiwan on January 23.

Air defense space is not Taiwan air space. This is a wider area that is monitored and patrolled by the air force to give Taiwan more time to respond to potential threats.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on this action by its military aircraft.

Taiwan is currently on a heightened state of alert for fear that China will use the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a pretext to do something similar in Taiwan. However, the Taiwanese government reported no signs that Beijing was preparing an attack.

Source: With Agencies


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