Why is the UN paralyzed over the war in Ukraine?
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The war in Ukraine directly involves Russia and indirectly the US, that is, two military powers on opposite sides. In this scenario, it was expected that the UN (United Nations) would play a fundamental role in the maintenance of peace, its main objective since its creation after the Second World War.

At a time when the world fears the possibility of a Third World War, the organization demonstrates that it has limited actions in the face of this situation. This is mainly because of its structure, in which the permanent members of the Security Council (United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China) have veto power in decisions and use this to protect themselves from possible consequences of their actions. foreign policies.

“The Security Council is the body in which the use of UN forces (Peace Forces known as blue helmets) is debated and its format prevents countries that have veto power from being affected by the deliberations, which is the case of Russia now”, explains Professor João Carlos Jarochinsk, from the Department of International Relations at UFRR (Federal University of Roraima)

Since the beginning of the war on February 24, the organization has only condemned the Russian invasion and suspended Moscow from the Human Rights Council. However, there was no other relevant action that would contribute to a ceasefire between Moscow and Kyiv.

In addition to the military force, the specialist highlights the humanitarian role of the organization, which has proved to be important and effective at many times, such as now in Eastern Europe.

“The UN is responsible for acting very quickly and efficiently on the issue of Ukrainian refugees, in addition to all the mobilization for reception structures, shelters and refugee camps.”

As the UN finds itself limited to act in the field of peace amid the devastation that the war has caused in many Ukrainian cities, the debate arises about whether it is time for a reformulation.

The organization also faces the obstacle of the search for sovereignty by many countries, with leaders who aim at national strengthening and who have the support of the population. For Jarochinsk, the political situation is unfavorable for, at this moment, a reform in the institution and highlights a possible “worsening trend”.

“We must assess what are the possibilities for change. It may be that we will not be able to achieve the proposed objectives and that a system that has been working for over 75 years will be disrupted.”

There is still the issue of UN funding, which comes from its member countries, so the organization depends on these contributions for its activities around the world. For this reason, the expert believes that this is a sensitive point and the main problem to be faced.

“We need to think about strengthening the International Criminal Court (ICC), which holds people responsible for many atrocities accountable. Despite some advances, the court is far from ideal.”

Source: Noticias R7

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