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A further 428,000 jobs were registered in the United States in April. The unemployment rate remained at 3.6% and wages rose by 0.3%.

Employment grew again in the United States in April, with 428,000 more people with work (corresponding to non-farm jobs), according to data released this Friday by the US statistics department.

The unemployment rate remained stable at 3.6% (5.9 million unemployed), slightly below the value at which it was in February 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic began to spread in the country. . In February 2020 the unemployment rate was 3.55%, with 5.7 million people unemployed.

“Among the main groups of workers, unemployment rates for adult men (3.5%), adult women (3.2%), adolescents (10.2%), whites (3.2%), blacks (5 .9%), Asians (3.1%) and Hispanics (4.1%) showed little to no change over the month.”

Still, in terms of work, data show that in April, 7.7% of employed people were teleworking because of the pandemic, down from the 10% recorded in March.

Additionally, the department indicates that wages rose – coinciding with a time when talent is being sought – 0.3% to about $31.85 an hour. In the last 12 months, wages grew by 5.5%.

Source: With Agencies

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