England and Finland available for mutual military aid if attacked

At a joint press conference, England and Finland made themselves available for mutual military assistance in the event of an attack.

“In Finland, we appreciate the UK’s strong support for NATO’s open-door policy and for potential NATO membership,” said Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. This ruler considered this point “is very valuable” for Finland.

Still, even saying that “in the event of a disaster or an attack any of us can ask for assistance, including military assistance”, the “nature of that assistance will depend on the request of the other party”.

During the morning, Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, was in Sweden, where he also held a press conference. The UK has signed agreements seen as historic with Sweden and Finland to increase security in Europe at a time of war.

Both countries are currently deciding whether to proceed with the process of joining NATO, at a time when there is a war in Europe. Faced with the news that the two nations can move toward NATO, Russia has already come out to the public to recall that there may be consequences if this proximity increases.

Source: With Agencies


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