Russia cut electricity supply to Finland last night

Russia’s electricity supply to Finland ended last night after the suspension was announced on Friday by the exporter, an official at the Finnish operator told AFP today.

The company responsible for selling Russian electricity to Finland, RAO Nordic, announced on Friday that it would suspend supply at 00:00, citing non-payment, at a time when Finland announced its candidacy to NATO.

Russia’s exports to Finland “are currently at zero, since midnight [22:00 in Lisbon], as announced,” Timo Kaukonen, head of operations at Fingrid, the Finnish electricity supply operator, told AFP.

According to the same source, the supply is balanced thanks to imports from Sweden.

Helsinki-based RAO Nordic Oy, which owns Russian company InterRAO, said in a statement on Friday that it has not received payments for electricity supplied to Finland since May 6, citing a lack of financial means to continue receiving electricity. imported from Russia.

Russia’s main electricity importer for the Nordic markets, RAO Nordic has been operating in the European Union since 2002.

Following the announcement of the electricity supply cut, the Finnish electricity grid operator, Fingrid, assured that it can dispense with energy imports from Russia without difficulty, importing a little more from Sweden and Norway.

Finland has so far imported around 10% of its electricity from Russia.

The supply cut comes against a backdrop of growing tension between Moscow and Helsinki, which this week announced its intention to join NATO, a decision immediately criticized by the Kremlin, which threatened retaliation.

On Thursday, Finland, which has a long border with Russia, announced its desire to join NATO and should formalize its application for membership on Sunday, which will be announced at a press conference by President Sauli Niinistö and the first -Minister Sanna Marin.

The Kremlin has already said that Finland’s entry into NATO constituted a threat and that it will be forced to “take reciprocal, techno-military and other measures” to respond to what it considers to be a “threat to national security”.

Source: With Agencies


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