New US nuclear submarine attacks with laser beams
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Equipped with laser weapons that will allow it to hit targets such as drones, aircraft, or boats and disintegrate them with surgical precision, this submarine can go 33 years without refueling.

It is one of the most recent weapons of the United States of America: the new nuclear submarine that includes laser beams and can be without refueling for 33 years. It’s called New Jersey, belongs to the Virginia-class fleet, and has a strong attack and intelligence-gathering capability, being able to operate in the open sea, but also closer to the coast.

The shipbuilding company Huntington Ingalls Industries (Hill) reported on April 28 this year that the submarine was launched in the James River, in the shipbuilding division of Newport News, the company responsible for its manufacture. The submarine, of 7,800 tons. was submerged for testing the equipment.

New Jersey is 92% complete and involved the participation of 10,000 shipbuilders and suppliers from 50 states, reveals Newport News. Work began in 2016 together with the subsidiary General Dynamics Electric Boat Company, one of the top submarine builders in the US.

Reaching this construction milestone is a very rewarding event for our shipbuilding team. We look forward to running the test programs so we can deliver it to the Navy,” said Jason Ward, vice president of Virginia-class submarine construction at Newport News.

The two companies are the only ones with government authorization to manufacture nuclear submarines, stresses El Español. While Newport News was in charge of the stern, accommodation, sail, and bow construction, the subsidiary built the engine and control room.

New Jersey has a high attacking ability. She is equipped with 12 Tomahawk cruise missiles and four UGM-84 Harpoon torpedo launch tubes. In total it can carry up to 37 units of ammunition.

Reports from the secret services, cited by the Spanish newspaper, indicate that the US is equipping these submarine models with laser weapons, which can have power between 300 and 500 kW, which will allow them to hit targets such as drones, aircraft or boats and disintegrate them. them with surgical precision.

The propulsion system is capable of generating a power of 210 MW in a single reactor, which translates into a high autonomy, allowing it to go 33 years without refueling nuclear fuel, advances El Español.

The Virginia class began to be designed in the early 1990s, codenamed Centurión, but the first submarine of this family would only enter US service in 2014. The New Jersey is the 22nd unit to be built and comes to replace the Los Angeles class.

Virginia model submarines are between 115 to 140 meters long, up to 10 meters in diameter and can operate at speeds of over 25 knots, according to Newport News. From the initial project, the US Navy was making revisions and adaptations that resulted in submodels and now wants to reach the fifth generation.

There are currently 21 Virginia-class submarines in operation and 10 more under construction. The US Navy plans to receive more copies of this model by 2043.

Source: With Agencies

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