Sweden will send diplomats to Turkey to discuss its plans to join NATO, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said. Turkey was against Finland and Sweden joining the Atlantic alliance, with Erdogan defending that “Scandinavian countries are residential for terrorist organizations”.

“We will send a group of diplomats to meet and have a dialogue with Turkey so we can see how this can be resolved and what it is really about,” Hultqvist told public broadcaster SVT.

On the part of Turkey, the Nordic countries are asked to stop supporting Kurdish militant groups on their territory and to lift the ban on the sale of some weapons to the country.

Any decision to enlarge NATO must have the approval of its 30 members and their parliaments.

Sweden’s possible NATO membership will be discussed this Monday in parliament – ​​although there is already a large majority in favor of the decision. The formal decision on membership will only be known later.

Source: With Agencies


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