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The European Union (EU) and the United States took advantage of new informal trade talks today in Saclay, near Paris, to show their willingness to unite in the face of China and Russia.

US and EU administration officials, meeting within the framework of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), underlined their desire to coordinate actions in a range of areas ranging from semiconductors to the fight against disinformation, including export control. of strategic products for Russia.

The United States and the EU, in particular, aim to have “more comprehensive exchanges of information on exports of critical American and European technologies, focusing first on Russia and other countries seeking to evade international sanctions,” according to a summary document. given to the press.

With regard to semiconductors, which are lacking in many industries, such as automobiles, it will be necessary to exchange information on possible market tensions to avoid shortages and bottlenecks.

As far as disinformation is concerned, the two sides want to prepare a new “cooperation framework” on “information integrity during crises, especially on internet platforms”.

“We can do more together to combat false explanations” about rising food prices, EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said at the final press conference.

“The truth is that tons and tons of grain cannot leave Ukraine because of the Russian invasion,” she insisted.

During the press-release portion of the debates, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai acknowledged that “globalization 1.0”, which saw trade liberalization “almost as an end in itself”, may have already had its moment.

This trade liberalization has, as expected, brought “peace” and “prosperity”, but after the pandemic and the war launched by Russia, it may be necessary to look at “how we can use our trade policy instruments” to “serve resilience goals”. and sustainability” and see “what kind of parameters and safeguards we need to implement in the international economic system”, he said.

The next TTC meeting is scheduled for late 2022 in the United States, according to the joint statement released at the end of the meeting.

Among the topics covered are also the regulation of artificial intelligence, public contracts, the resilience of the internet and numerical infrastructures, or the fight against forced or child labour.

Source: With Agencies

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