First public hearing on UFOs in 50 years. Pentagon wants to understand origin of these phenomena

Two Pentagon officials gave statements at what was the first public hearing on UFOs in 50 years. And they revealed that there are 400 “unidentified aerial phenomena” since 2004.

An intelligence committee of the United States of America held a hearing with members of the US Department of Defense this Tuesday. The theme? Unidentified flying objects i.e. UFOs.

Ronald Moultrie, U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and Scott Bray, deputy director of U.S. naval intelligence, were the two senior officials who gave statements at what was the first public hearing on UFOs in 50 years. [The objects presented at the hearing were called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP)].

According to Reuters, Scott Bray assumed, before audience members, that there had been sightings that US authorities “cannot explain” due to the scarcity of known data. The official revealed that 400 cases of UPA have been observed since 2004.

There are a small number of cases where we have more information. But our analysts simply cannot fully understand what happened”, he revealed, further explaining: “We have no material, nor have we detected any emanations, within our investigation, that suggest that it is something with non-terrestrial origins.”

Ronald Moultrie assumed that, as they imply potential risks to the safety of flights, the US authorities are determined to understand the origin of these phenomena.

According to Reuters, two videos were shown at the hearing. In one, it was possible to see “flashing triangular objects” in the night sky, which were later identified as “luminous visual artifacts seen with night vision goggles”. The second video showed a shiny, spherical object passing through the cockpit of a military aircraft. For this one however, Scott Bray claimed there was no explanation.

Andre Carson, a member of the aforementioned congressional committee, argued that the Pentagon will have, over time, focused too much on cases that are relatively simple to explain, avoiding addressing those whose origin is not yet understood. And he questioned Ronald Moultrie about whether the Pentagon would follow the facts according to every possible hypothesis.

We are open to all hypotheses, and open to any conclusions that we come across,” said the Pentagon’s undersecretary for security and intelligence.

‘Terrestrial’ hypotheses could explain these sightings, although several data are still lacking to conclude the origins of the sighted UFOs, explained a Pentagon report presented last year. One of the hypotheses does not rule out that it is some kind of secret aircraft developed by an American secret institution or by a world power such as Russia or China.

According to the BBC, there has not been a UFO hearing in the US since 1969, when the Air Force canceled a UFO sighting program titled Project Blue Book. In June last year, the director of US National Intelligence released a report where no explanation was found for most of the documented cases, out of a total of 144 incidents since 2004.

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