75 years of Ferrari | Meet the first car of the legendary Italian automaker
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Ferrari is celebrating, and not just for the good phase of its drivers in the Formula 1 Championship. In 2022, the Ferrari celebrates 75 years since the launch of its first model, the Ferrari 125 S.

The brand was born in 1929, by the hands of Enzo Ferrari, in the city of Maranello, Italy. Originally, however, it did not manufacture cars of its own. Known as Scuderia Ferrari, the manufacturer was restricted to sponsoring existing drivers and race cars.

History followed the same path for almost two decades, more precisely until 1947, exactly 75 years ago. It was from that year on, after the end of the Second World War and the fall of the regime of Benito Mussolini, that the automaker decided to become independent and start a story of success, passion, and a lot of speed.

Adoption of the “rampant horse”

Before talking a little more about the 125 S, the first car produced by Ferrari, a curiosity: did you know that the “rampant horse”, a symbol that has accompanied the brand since the beginning, was not born to equip the automaker’s cars?

That’s right. The horse that today immediately refers to as the beautiful and coveted Supersports cars of the brand was not created to stamp its grandeur in the “jewels on wheels”.

The little horse, initially, was stamped on an Italian Air Force plane piloted by Francesco Barraca and accompanied the military throughout the 1st World War. He only officially became part of the “Ferrari family” in 1932, three years after the Scuderia was created.

Ferrari 125 S: the 1st car of the legendary brand

A consumer dream of 10 out of 10 sports car enthusiasts, Ferrari began to build and pave its way to become a world reference, on and off the track, with the model called the 125 S.

The beginning, however, was not so smooth, and the debut of the model on the Piacenza circuit was, in the words of Enzo Ferrari himself, “a promising failure”. The disappointment came because Franco Cortese, who was behind the wheel and leading the race, had to abandon the race because of a problem with the gas pump.

In the four months that followed, however, the Ferrari 125 S showed its strength and, in the 13 opportunities it returned to the track, it came out of it occupying the highest place on the podium in six.

Source: Canaltech

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