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May 22, 2022 marks 110 years of Marine Corps aviation.

On May 22, 1912, 1st Lt. Alfred A. Cunningham reported to Naval Aviation Camp in Annapolis, Maryland, “for duty in connection with aviation,” sparking the birth of Marine Corps aviation.

Marine Corps aviation has participated in every major American conflict since.

Deputy Commandant for Aviation Lt. Gen. Mark R. Wise commemorated this historic occasion with a letter highlighting the men and women who have contributed to the storied legacy of Marine Corps aviation.

“Throughout our history, Marine aviation has pushed the boundaries in the sky to provide the lethality, mobility, and sustainability capabilities required of our service.” Lt. Gen. Mark R. Wise, Deputy Commandant for Aviation

“Aviation enablers remain the lifeline for our community-there is no Marine Aviation without our aircrew, maintainers, air traffic controllers, avionic and ordnance technicians, aviation logisticians, and airfield services,” wrote Wise.

Marine Corps aviation has undergone significant changes since its birth in 1922, but one thing has remained constant – how integral aviation is to the Marine Air Ground Task Force.

In accordance with Force Design 2030, Marine Corps aviation prioritizes readiness, enhanced lethality, and reinforces the importance of flying from the sea.

Recently, the Department of Aviation published the 2022 Marine Corps Aviation Plan, which highlights modernization efforts and aligns with the Commandant’s vision of a future force.

Source: Marine Corps

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