Madness in Manchester! City recover from 0-2 to 3-2 and are ENGLISH CHAMPIONS
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Manchester City are champions of England. More than that, the citizens are champions of England for the fourth time in the last five years.

It’s the Pep-effect, purists will say; it is the consequence of the petrodollar spill, the nostalgic people will contest. Emotion, so much emotion on this last Sunday in the Premier League.

Note well: in the 75th minute, City lost at home against Aston Villa by 0-2; at Anfield Road, Liverpool drew 1 to Wolverhampton. Anything could happen, the title could go either way. Blue or red? We were in ‘supernatural territory’, awaiting any moment-Aguero. Pep Guardiola appeared unusually dismayed, let out gestures of despair and even abdicated Bernardo Silva – to enter Gundogan.

After? The miracle, an epic twist, three moments that make us remember that the most wonderful of games is called football. hallucinating! Let’s get to it: Villa won 0-2 (Cash at 37 and Coutinho at 69), until Gundogan rekindled the citizen’s hope (1-2, 76 minutes), Rodri left the stands with his hands on his head (2-2, 78 minutes) and Gundogan spread the madness blanket across the stadium (3-2, 81 minutes).

Three goals in five minutes, both hands in the Premier League cup and Liverpool conceding from a distance. The Reds were losing at home against Wolverhampton (goal by Portuguese Pedro Neto, 3 minutes), scored three goals (Mané, Salah and Robertson), but ended up crying and again beaten by Manchester City. Eternal glory in the Premier League. Football is an amazing game.

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