US resumes military contacts with Russia to avoid escalation of tension
General Mark Milley warns Putins war could take years to
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The Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milley, said today that his country has resumed contacts with Russia, in the military field, to avoid an escalation of tension between the two countries.

Milley made the revelation during a joint press conference with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin following a virtual meeting with officials from 47 allied countries to discuss military assistance to Ukraine.

The general explained that both he and the head of the Pentagon are focused on controlling risks and avoiding a possible escalation with Russia, namely through the resumption of “communications at the military level”, including phone calls with senior Russian military officials.

The US chief of staff indicated that this is a “significant” step and that it is “worth it”, stressing that his country remains “committed” to its support for Ukraine.

Washington has supported Kyiv with military and humanitarian assistance to fight the Russian invasion that began on February 24.

Source: With Agencies

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