Putin’s departure from power “is being discussed in the Kremlin corridors”

Vladimir Putin’s departure from power “is being discussed behind the backstage” at the Kremlin, reports Meduza, a Latvia-based Russian investigative outlet.

Meduza cites sources close to the Kremlin who point out that the Russian president is the focus of dissatisfaction among those who are for and against the war in Ukraine.

While the reason for the discontent among opponents of military action is clear, those who supported the invasion are reportedly dissatisfied with the lack of progress made to date and want a “tougher” approach.

Top Russian businessmen and many government officials are displeased that Putin has initiated the invasion of Ukraine without thinking about the scale of sanctions imposed as a result.

Sources quoted by Meduza say a future without the president is “increasingly being discussed”, and there are even talks of potential successors “behind the Kremlin’s backroom”.

Among the names circulating behind the scenes of the Kremlin as possible successors are Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and Sergei Kiriyenko, deputy head of the presidential administration.

Discussions within the Kremlin do not involve efforts to “overthrow Putin now” nor is “a conspiracy being prepared”, says Meduza, but “there is an understanding, or a desire, that in the near future he will not govern”.

Source: With Agencies


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