Russian veterans call war a ‘failure’

Increased public criticism of the Kremlin could be “fuel” for people to question Russia’s chances in this conflict, argues the Institute for the Study of War.

Members of the Russian Officers’ Assembly wrote an open letter last week criticizing the results of Russian troops’ invasion of Ukraine.

According to analysis by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the group, which is made up of pro-Kremlin war veterans, considered the “special military operation” to be one that had not fulfilled the objectives outlined and appealed to Putin to recognize that it was no longer a question of “denazifying” Ukraine, but of fighting for Russia’s position at world level.

The group, composed only of Russians, also classified the invasion as a “failure” and believes that Russia will have to prepare for a “bloody war”, as well as mobilize more forces.

The criticism comes after the failure that Russian troops have had, both in terms of territorial advances and in terms of casualties. According to the New York Times, one of the most recent events that led to increased criticism was the failed attempt to cross the Donets River, which resulted in dozens of Russian vehicles destroyed, as well as 400 Russian casualties – among wounded and dead. .

Also according to the US institute, despite restrictions on access to information in the country, criticism among experts has been increasing.

Also on social media, criticism among Russians has begun to emerge, with a war blogger, with more than 2.1 million followers on Telegram, talking about the failure. “Yes, I realize that it’s impossible for there to be no problems in war, but when the same problems continue for three months and nothing seems to change, I begin – like millions of Russians – to have doubts about the leaders of these military operations,” he said. Yuri Podolyaka during a shared video.

The blogger’s opinion is in line with the ISW’s weekly report, which guarantees that “many Kremlin supporters” are beginning to “openly criticize the Kremlin”. “The comments can be the fuel for doubting Russia and its chances in this war, as well as the competence of the leaders”, they write.

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