Ukraine: Succession of “serious and notable tactical failures” decimated Russian air force, British military intelligence services indicate
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A succession of “serious and notable tactical failures” decimated the Russian air force in Ukraine, according to a British military intelligence report released this Thursday: the first major fiasco took place in early March, a few days after the invasion began, with the occupation and subsequent withdrawal of the Hostomel airfield near Kyiv, which would have been vital to the attack on the Ukrainian capital.

The report highlighted the stagnation since April in the advance in the Donbass region around the city of Izium, as well as recent “failed and costly attempts” to cross the Siverskyi Donets River, also in the east of the country.

“Russian doctrine has been to assign the most demanding operations to the VDV (air force), made up of 45,000 well-paid, contracted professional soldiers,” warned analysts at the British Ministry of Defense, who blame the “complacency” of senior commanders of the great number of casualties that occurred in the “elite units”.

According to experts, the Russian army did not assess the size of the Ukrainian resistance from the beginning and made tactical errors that resulted in the slowdown, standstill, and the subsequent withdrawal of troops on several fronts. “Air forces were used in missions more suited to ground infantry, hence the heavy losses suffered,” the report concluded. “VDV’s modest results in Ukraine reflect strategic mismanagement of Russia’s ability to secure air superiority.”

“It’s a combination of tactical errors, limited air coverage, lack of flexibility, and a rigid posture in controls that led to repeated mistakes”, explain the British experts, who highlight President Putin’s personal involvement in troop movements in eastern Ukraine.

Source: With Agencies

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