The inaccuracy of the religious date mobilizes historians to discover when Maria’s son was born.

Over the last 2022 years, a date in the Christian calendar was able not only to become one of the most important festivities in the history of mankind but also to serve as a memory for the main figure who represented the maximum deity of Christianity on Earth.

Christmas celebrated on December 25, is attributed to the birthday of Jesus Christ. However, researchers of history and theology are divided, over the decades, on possible attributions of the exact date when Maria’s son would have been born.

Far from the existence of notaries or any paper record, accuracy is researched and even throws a cold shower on those who believe in Christmas as the date on which the divine representative was born.

The strongest theory today is that the date was chosen to oppose the main religious festival of the Romans, the Invincible Sun, which took place on the night of the 24th”, he clarified.

How old is it?

Even more striking is the age of the date, which marks the beginning of the current calendar, after Christ. However, the evidence on the count is also controversial, as researchers in the area rely on temporal evidence, with no precise dates.

Due to the variation of calendars, which at the time collided between dates recorded by Jews and Romans, the scholar of early Christianity makes it clear that the suspicion about the place and when Jesus was born could at least be clarified from parts of the Old Testament.

“Both Luke and Matthew report that Jesus was born during the reign of Herod, which would probably place the birth between the years 6 and 4 BC.”, reported the researcher, also clarifying that the period AD (after Christ) cannot be estimated at from the birth of the religious figure.


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