Himars: The advanced missiles that the US will send to Ukraine can hit Russian targets from 80 km away
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The mobile unit that will be delivered by Washington to Ukrainian troops is capable of launching multiple-precision missiles simultaneously. Joe Biden says the system will allow Kyiv to “hit targets more accurately in the battle scenario in Ukraine” but not in Russia.

The US Government has announced that it will deliver the M142 Himars system to Ukraine, which consists of a mobile unit on wheels capable of firing six 227 mm missiles at the same time, guided by GSP up to a maximum distance of 80 kilometers, advances the ‘ The Guardian’. The unit can be recharged in a few minutes, without the need to use other vehicles.

The same newspaper points out that Washington will not provide the Kyiv authorities with ATACMS missiles, which have a range of 300 kilometers, which would have the capacity to hit Russian soil. Himars will allow Ukraine to hit Russian targets on Ukrainian territory at a greater distance from the long-range weapons of Moscow troops.

The new missile system could also allow Kyiv to destroy the warehouses that supply the military on Ukrainian soil, potentially crippling the invading forces’ war effort.

An unnamed US government official explains to the British newspaper that Himars will allow the two contenders to be on an equal footing. But it is not yet known for sure how many Himars systems will be sent to Ukraine.

Washington will alter the missile system’s technical capabilities to prevent it from being used against targets on Russian soil. “We are not going to send missiles to Ukraine that could hit Russia,” Joe Biden said. Another Russian official told The Guardian that the Ukrainian government has already assured Washington that they will not use American weapons to attack Russian territory.

According to ‘Aljazeera’, the delivery of the Himars is part of a new US$700 million package of assistance from the US to Ukraine, which also includes the shipment of helicopters, anti-tank systems, tactical vehicles and spare parts.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed that the US is “directly and intentionally adding fuel to the fire” by sending weapons to Ukraine, points out the BBC.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of the neighboring country, Washington has already sent about 4.5 billion dollars in support of Ukraine.

Source: With Agencies

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