Russian gas supply to Denmark will be suspended this Wednesday
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Orsted, the largest Danish company in the energy sector, confirmed this Tuesday that Russia will stop supplying gas to Denmark from this Wednesday, June 1, due to the refusal to pay in rubles.

Orsted said it had no contractual obligation to pay Russian state energy giant Gazprom in rubles. The Danish company said that its next payment deadline is precisely this Tuesday and that it intends to continue paying for the supply in euros.

Mads Nipper, group chairman and CEO of Orsted, clarified: “We remain steadfast in our refusal to pay in rubles and are preparing for such scenarios, so we look forward to providing gas to our customers. The situation supports the need for the European Union to become independent from Russian gas, accelerating the bet on renewable energies”, he pointed out.

“As there is no pipeline going directly from Russia to Denmark, Russia will not be able to directly cut off the gas supply to Denmark and therefore it will still be possible for Denmark to obtain gas. However, this means that gas for Denmark must, to a greater extent, be sourced from the European gas market. We hope that this will be possible”, said the official.

Source: With Agencies

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