China offers money to anyone who reports spy threats
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The rewards come at a time when the country’s diplomatic tensions with the rest of the world intensify.

China will reward citizens who make complaints in matters of national security, namely with regard to violations of international espionage, the Ministry of State Security announced this Tuesday.

In a statement released by the state-owned newspaper Legal Daily, quoted by Reuters, the ministry says that the new national security measures seek to motivate the public to be aware of increasingly frequent international threats in the eyes of the Chinese state.

“The formulation of these measures is conducive to fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the general public to support and assist the work of national security, to lift the hearts, morals, wisdom, and strength of our people,” the government says.

It should be remembered that in China, a regime based on political and civic oppression rules, suppressing and prohibiting any form of the demonstration against the government, especially in territories such as Hong Kong (where decades of democracy have turned the city into a source of anti-Beijing resistance) and in Xinjiang, a region where the state has promoted ethnic cleansing and strict surveillance of all aspects of social and private life that are not considered proper by the state.

Rewards will vary depending on the veracity and impact of the report, with authorities first checking whether or not the submitted report is true, or if it provided new information that authorities do not already have.

According to Reuters, citizens will be able to receive “spiritual rewards” in the form of certificates; or “material rewards”, which can range from 10,000 yuan (about 1400 euros) to 100,000 yuan (about 14,000 euros).

The government will provide several formats through which complaints can be submitted.

Source: With Agencies

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