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The US Supreme Court on Monday asked President Joe Biden to rule on the lawsuit that Meta, the owner of Facebook, filed against the Israeli technology company NSO, accused of spying on politicians, journalists, or activists.

Biden’s government has been asked to comment on whether the most important judicial body in the United States has the power to accept and evaluate the case.

The Israeli company NSO tried to stop the legal process, claiming that it cannot be sued by Meta, as it acted on behalf of foreign governments, and not on its own initiative when it installed the Pegasus program, used for acts of spying on mobile devices.

The French organization Forbidden Stories, with technical support from Amnesty International (AI) revealed in 2021, in a journalistic investigation, that Pegasus was being used to spy on prominent international politicians.

According to the same consortium, one of French President Emmanuel Macron’s mobile phones was on the target list of this spy system, along with former President of the European Commission Romano Prodi and the current President of the European Council, Charles Michel, the latter while served as Belgian prime minister.

Pegasus is a cyber espionage ‘malware’ program that is installed on mobile devices and is able to collect all the information contained on the device, taking almost complete control of it without the user being aware.

As punishment for the use of this program, the United States imposed sanctions against its manufacturer, the Israeli company NSO Group, vetoing its access to American technology, while Israel tightened controls on its cyber exports.

The NSO Group has always maintained that its products were intended to go after terrorists and criminals, although it cannot control how its customers use them.

In January 2022, NSO President Asher Levy, however, tendered his resignation from the post after it was revealed that the program had been used by Israeli police to spy on citizens without a court order.

Source: With Agencies

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