Iran is weeks away from being able to obtain a nuclear weapon
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It is time to make decisions regarding Iran. On the first day of the meeting of officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Vienna, only one very specific fact was mentioned: Tehran will already have in its possession around 3,800 kilos of enriched uranium, more than enough to build a nuclear weapon.

When asked how long this could take, the agency’s director-general, Rafael Grossi, said: “Once processing continues, let’s say it could only be a matter of a few weeks.”

Negotiations on a nuclear deal, which resumed with the arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States, have been blocked since March.

At issue is the activity of at least three nuclear facilities, which Tehran has never declared as such.

International monitoring, such as accessing images from video surveillance systems, has been refused by the Iranian authorities.

Source: With Agencies

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