Nuclear: Iran shuts down two UN body surveillance cameras

According to Iranian state television, the cameras monitored one of the structures involved in the nuclear program and the uranium enrichment process.

Iran turned off two surveillance cameras of the United Nations body that monitored one of the structures involved in the Iranian nuclear program and the uranium enrichment process, Iranian state television reported this Wednesday.

The report broadcast by Iranian television did not identify the location where the two surveillance cameras were installed, but said that the devices monitored “levels of OLEM enrichment and flow meters”.

According to the US news agency Associated Press (AP), Iranian television was probably referring to the Online Enrichment Monitors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – a United Nations body -, which observe enrichment. of uranium gas through pipelines at nuclear facilities.

Iran is currently enriching uranium in two underground nuclear structures at Fordo and Natanz.

According to the AP, the Tehran regime has been controlling IAEA surveillance camera footage since February 2021, as a pressure tactic in negotiations to restore the international agreement on Iran’s controversial nuclear program that was signed in 2015.

The Vienna-based IAEA has not yet responded to the AP’s request for comment on this matter.

The international agreement has been virtually ineffective since the United States’ unilateral withdrawal in 2018 during the tenure of former Republican President Donald Trump, who alleged a lack of compliance by Tehran and reinstated sanctions on Iran.

In response, Iran has gradually since 2019 stopped respecting the tough restrictions that the pact imposed on its nuclear program.

The election of the current US President, Joe Biden, made it possible to relaunch, in the spring of 2021, in Vienna, efforts to recover the agreement, but negotiations have been stalled since March.

Source: With Agencies


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