Democrats and Republicans announce agreement to regulate access to weapons
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Democratic and Republican senators will announce this Sunday in Washington that they will reach a minimum agreement to improve the regulation of access to firearms.

Negotiators of the two political formations will announce the creation of a bipartisan structure in response to mass shootings in the past, a small advance that foresees restrictions on access to weapons and strengthens efforts to improve school safety and mental health programs.

A lot of these are proposed to be tougher measures advocated by President Joe Biden and many Democratic senators.

The leaders of the two non-Senate parties hope to transform any agreement in the law quickly – only this month – before the political impulse is more, caused by recent mass shootings in Buffalo (Nova Iorque State) and Uvalde (Texas).

Still, it was agreed to take the enactment of the legislation, it would signal a change of years of massacres with weapons that will always result in an impasse in Congress.

The commitment now reached would return the youth records of gun buyers under 21 years of age when they were submitted to background checks.

We suspect that they killed 10 people in a supermarket in Buffalo and 19 students and two teachers in a primary school in Uvalde Tinham were 18 years old, and many two assailants who committed mass shootings in recent years were young.

The agreement provides financial incentives to the states to apply the so-called “red flag” laws that temporarily facilitate the withdrawal of weapons from people considered potentially violent and to reinforce school safety and mental health programs.

Other measures include requiring more people who sell guns to get licenses from federal dealers, or meaning that two buyers would have to run background checks.

Immediately after announcing the agreement, Joe Biden said, in a statement, that the compromise reached “doesn’t do anything” or that it would be necessary, but he considered that “it reflects important steps in the right direction and would make gun safety legislation more significant.” to be approved in Congress in decades”.

Given the bipartisan support, “there are no excuses for the delay, and there is little reason why it should not pass quickly through the Senate and the Chamber,” he emphasized.

The text does not include the main measures defended by Joe Biden and groups defending arms control, such as a ban on the sale of assault rifles or an increase in the minimum age for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21 years.

Democrats have been tempted to pass gun control laws in recent years, especially since a gunman killed 27 people – 20 of the six- to seven-year-olds – at Sandy Hook High School in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, more Republicans than ever Conservative of the Democratic Party always blocking this type of initiative.

Source: With Agencies

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