Israel: F-35 gains more autonomy and “deadly” functionalities
F 35 Israel
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In times of war, it is important that countries have the best artillery, with the best functionalities. Not a military field, we hunt Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II or F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are the two most used.

According to recent information, Israel has upgraded our F-35s with more autonomy and “deadly” features.

The Jerusalem Post fez to know that Israel made “powerful” updates not its military arsenal to prepare for a future attack against Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The F-35s were upgraded and gained more autonomy, not being necessary to supply as well as to attack or go.

F-35: Integrated One Ton Bomb

The Israel Air Force (IAF) also announced that it recently integrated a new one-ton bomb into an arsenal of weapons used by F-35s. This particular model can be transported inside the aircraft’s internal weapons compartment without compromising the action and stability of the aircraft.

A new weapon is defined as “autonomous and protected against interference and electronic warfare systems” and was allegedly tested in tests by the IAF, whose results were reported by Israel’s Defense Minister, Benny Gantz.

Another weapon planned specifically for Israel’s F-35 fleet included the Rafael SPICE precision-guided bomb, several air-to-air missiles, and possibly a 2,000-pound version of the SPICE 2000.

All these improvements have the objective of making the aircraft more flexible and with greater capacity for survival and destruction. Either the country has worked hard, with the objective of designing aircraft that are expected to lead its next fight against Iran, or simply protect the nation from two attacks that it might be afraid of.

Source: With Agencies

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