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Formula 1 single-seaters are a work of art of mechanical evolution. Made with the best materials, each piece is designed to guarantee the maximum possible performance. Although it seems a bit contradictory, the combination of lightness and rigidity of the car is essential to guarantee speed, but also the safety of drivers in the event of an accident. Parts are completely custom made and hand-placed by the best engineers and mechanics in the world. But this is not surprising, as Formula 1 is known for being one of the most expensive sports ever.

In 2022, the FIA (Federation Internationale de Automobiles) established a budget limit (which includes travel, accommodation, equipment, etc.) The decision generated some complications, as automobiles are made up of around 14,500 parts. With two drivers per team (one car each), the most important component, the engine, can reach up to five million dollars, while the carbon fiber chassis, to protect the drivers, costs more than 1 million.

Aerodynamics is, therefore, essential to reach high speeds (which sometimes exceed 300 km/h) and for this the front and rear wings are used, which have the DRS system, introduced in Formula 1 in 2011. This hydraulic system reduces aerodynamic resistance, facilitating overtaking on the track, with each wing having a value between 150 and 200 thousand dollars.

The electrical center is located on the steering wheel and, currently, drivers use it not only to drive but to change gears – unsurprisingly, it can cost up to 100,000 euros. The transmission, in the rear of the car, is connected to the hydraulic system of the clutch and can reach 170 thousand dollars. Finally, the Halo safety system, present on all single-seaters, adds a mere $17,000 to the price of the machine. After several accidents, such as the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994 and Anthoine Hubert in 2019, the latter in Formula 2, driver safety has become a key point in racing. The final value? A staggering eight million dollars for each car. No wonder pilots get bored every time they have the slightest touch.

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