Woody Allen will make a maximum of two more films before retiring
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Director Woody Allen will direct “one or two more films” before retiring because he has lost “the emotion” and “it’s not fun anymore”, announced this Wednesday the filmmaker in an interview on the Instagram page of actor Alec Baldwin.

“I’m going to make one or two more movies and I’m going to dedicate myself to writing”, said Woody Allen in the last part of a conversation with the American actor to promote his new book, “Zero Gravity”.

The reason behind the 86-year-old director’s lack of motivation lies in the reduction in the number of weeks films remain in theaters and in the way the film industry and consumption have changed.

“I used to make a movie and it was in theaters all over the country [United States]. Now you do and it lasts for two weeks at the cinema, maybe four or six, and then the public already has it on streaming platforms or through pay-per-view [pay to see certain coded content]”, criticized Woody Allen.

This interview was the first time that the author of “Apropos of Nothing” connected to the social network Instagram and his inexperience was noticed with up to three connection cuts or camera frames, in which his face could not be seen in full.

In addition, during the conversation, he also talked about the launch of “Zero Gravity”, a compendium of short stories in a humorous tone that will be published in the United States in August.

“The difference between a short story and a long novel is that a novel can be 10 times longer, but 100 times harder”, he argued about why he didn’t consider taking the step to invest in this genre.

Woody Allen will soon travel to Paris, where he will stay for several months to shoot a film that, although untitled, will be a drama mixed with dark humor along the lines of his other films, such as “Match Point” (2005).

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