Pope announces that he will appoint, for the first time, two women to the Dicastery

The organism of the Roman Curia helps the Pontiff in the choice of diocesan pastors.

Pope Francis announced this Wednesday that he will appoint two women to the Dicastery of Bishops, the body of the Roman Curia that helps the Pontiff choose diocesan pastors.

The revelation was made in an interview with Reuters when the Supreme Pontiff was addressing the presence of women in the Vatican.

Upon being appointed, this will be the first time that two women will work in the Dicastery, thus being involved in the process of electing new diocesan pastors.

“I’m open if an opportunity arises. Right now, the Governorate [Vatican Government] has a deputy governor… Now, two women go to the Congregation of Bishops, in the commission to elect bishops. In this way, things start to open up a little bit”, stated Francisco.

According to the Pope’s statements, the Vatican is open to the presence of women and this has been a path that has been opened.

Francis recalled that last year, for the first time, a woman was appointed to the number two post of the Governorate of Vatican City, Sister Raffaella Petrini. In addition, Sister Nathalie Becquart, a French member of the Xavierian Missionary Sisters, has been appointed undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops.

Among the laywomen who already hold senior positions in the Vatican are Barbara Jatta, the first director of the Vatican Museums, and Cristiane Murray, deputy director of the Vatican Press Office. Both were appointed by the current Pontiff.

Source: With Agencies


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