Anti-spying cover for mobile also prevents hacker attacks
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iphone new cirotta

iPhone with new Cirotta

Accessory promises to protect devices from invasions that compromise user data privacy, without the need for internet connection or other applications.

Former members of the Israeli Armed Forces have invented an anti-spy cover for the cell phone that goes beyond protection against knocks: it is also effective against cyber-attacks. The company Cirottta announced that it had created a case capable of protecting the devices from intrusions that compromise the user’s data privacy, transforming smartphone cases into electronic security devices. Each item in the Athena line costs between $220 and $250.

For now, only iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro are compatible with cases that protect against hacker attacks. Versions for Android smartphones are expected to go on sale in early 2023, initially only for the Galaxy S22.

How it works

The creators of the anti-surveillance cover, Shlomi Erez and Eran Erez, invented the device to meet the demand of security professionals such as military personnel, bodyguards, government officials, VIPs and executives who need serious protection from this invasion type.

The first part of the protection is in the structure of the cell phone case itself. When attaching the case to the device, simply slide the cover lock to lock all the cameras on the mobile device, preventing hackers from using the phone’s lens to spy on the environment. In addition, Athena can prevent unwanted audio or video recordings, without using any of the phone’s ports, just sealing the ports.

Tracking of unauthorized conversations and calls can also be prevented by the cover, which uses specialized security algorithms to bypass the phone’s active noise filtering system. Cirotta also guarantees to prevent operating system hacks and data scanning when the device is on, as the cases can also nullify detectable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and neutralize communications via NFC.

Source: With Agencies

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