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The Smartencyclopedia Magazine shares expert views, research and commentary on contemporary affairs of relevance to the Smartencyclopedia. This web magazine, brought to you by the Smartencyclopedia, exchanges these insights through video briefs, articles, debates, photo essays and public events.

The Smartencyclopedia Magazine is a magazine focused on global challenges of climate change, energy, military, food security, biodiversity loss, etc. We too wanted to harness the new power of online sharing, co-creation, and emerging social media to entice readers to help us find sign posts to an improved version of the world.

The Smartencyclopedia Magazine was re-launched now with a completely new design and expanded topics to improve coverage of the work of the Smartencyclopedia.

The Smartencyclopedia Magazine is produced by the Smartencyclopedia team. Since the first article, the magazine has been dedicated to English and has become one of Smartencyclopedia key communication platforms with our readers worldwide.


We are honoured that our network of articles is not just for academics, researchers and students, but many others who are passionate about the topics covered by the magazine. Working closely with our editorial team, these articles bring a broad spectrum of points of view from around the globe.

Your views

We are committed to providing an open platform for people to express views on the topics that we cover. Each of our articles has a comment section. You can choose the comment platform we use. The Smartencyclopedia editorial team is also keen on other forms of social networking and invites you to connect with us on Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter via the icons listed in the header of each page.



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