Brussels reaches agreement with Moderna on dose delivery schedule
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The European Commission announced today that it has reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical company Moderna to adapt the delivery schedule of new doses of the anti-covid-19 vaccine, aiming to “meet the needs” of the European Union (EU) in autumn and winter.

In a statement, the community executive informs that it has reached an agreement with Moderna to “better respond to the needs of member states in terms of vaccines against covid-19 in the late summer and winter period”.

“The agreement will ensure that national authorities have access to vaccines, including vaccines adapted to the variants, if authorized, at the time they need them for their own vaccination campaigns and to support their global partners,” he adds.

Specifically, the agreement now reached aims to adapt the contractual delivery schedules initially agreed with the pharmaceutical company Moderna, thus stipulating that the doses initially planned for the summer are delivered in September and during the autumn and winter.

According to Brussels, the change was made because the upcoming cold season will be a “time when member states are most likely to need additional vaccine stockpiles for national campaigns and to fulfill their international solidarity commitments”.

“The agreement also guarantees that, if one or more adapted vaccines [to the new variants] receive a marketing authorization, the Member States can choose to receive these adapted vaccines under the contract in force”, adds the institution.

The agreement also guarantees 15 million candidate vaccines for Moderna’s booster doses against the Ómicron variant, subject to the respective marketing authorization within deadlines that allow the use of these doses in vaccination campaigns.

Since 2020, the EU has been investing heavily in the global production of several vaccines against covid-19, and is now focusing on doses adapted to the new variants of SARS-CoV-2.

The community space has still been one of the main world exporters.

By the end of July 2022, the EU had exported more than 2.4 billion doses of vaccines to 168 countries and, in addition, Member States had shared more than 478 million doses, of which around 406 million had already been delivered. beneficiary countries (about 82% through the COVAX mechanism).

Source: With Agencies

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