FBI Searches Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home
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The FBI carried out a large-scale operation on Donald Trump’s Mar-A Lago, Florida development, where the former US president moved after leaving the White House.

“These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently besieged, invaded, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. None of this has ever happened to a president of the United States”, said Donald Trump, this Monday night, in a statement quoted by the American press in which he revealed the police operation.

“After working and cooperating with relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid was neither necessary nor appropriate.”

Neither Donald Trump nor the FBI, US federal police, clarified why authorities were executing a court order. The former president took advantage of the text in which he revealed the police action to accuse the Democrats of persecuting him using the judicial system and said that such an operation could only happen in a “Third World Country”. “They even broke into my safe,” said Donald Trump, comparing the case to the “Watergate” scandal.

According to “The New York Times”, which cites two people familiar with the process, the investigation will focus on material that will have been taken to Florida, after leaving the White House, which includes pages of classified documents. Trump was forced to return 15 boxes of material requisitioned by the National Archives after he was threatened with a lawsuit.

The US is going through a troubled moment with the investigation into the Capitol invasion and Donald Trump’s efforts to stay in power, alleging fraud in the presidential elections. In recent days, some of the government members closest to the former president are being called to give statements about interference in the passage of power.

Source: With Agencies

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