“I danced, sang and celebrated”. And then he went for a drug screening test, revealed the Finnish PM

Videos of Sanna Marin having fun with friends started to circulate this week on social media. The prime minister, however, continues to claim that she did nothing “illegal”.

The statement is from Sanna Marin: “I danced, sang and partied”. The Prime Minister of Finland was ‘caught’ having fun with a group of friends and the videos circulating on social media made many questions the seriousness of the government leader. Marin says, however, that she is entitled to have fun. And this Friday she also assumed that she performed a drug screening test, to silence the criticism.

“There have been serious allegations that I used drugs. I think these are very heavy allegations. For my own legal protection, even though I consider the requirement of a drug test to be unreasonable, and to clear up all suspicions, I performed a test.” stressed Sanna Marin, also mentioning that she has never used drugs in her entire life.

The Finnish PM also asked its people to know how to distinguish work from fun. “I didn’t do anything illegal. I hope people understand that fun time and work time can be separated,” she explained, adding that “there were no meetings on the days I was celebrating.”

Source: With Agencies


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