Royal family announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II
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The English Royal Family announced this Thursday that Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and head of the Commonwealth, has died. His son succeeds him, Prince Carlos.

In the morning, Buckingham Palace issued a statement indicating that the monarch had been placed under medical supervision. “, said a short official note.

“After a busy day yesterday (Tuesday), Her Majesty accepted this afternoon” the advice to rest given by her doctors, explained a Palace spokesman, who nevertheless made it known that “the Queen continues to feel comfortable and will remain in Balmoral”, Scotland, where he used to spend the end of the summer.

The signs that followed, however, painted a much more adverse scenario. The BBC interrupted its official broadcast to communicate Elizabeth II’s clinical report, as well as the parliamentary session in Westminster, and the deputies present received notes announcing what had happened.

The royal family has been urgently summoned to Balmoral, which includes their son and heir to the throne, Charles, and grandson William, who have traveled to Scotland, as well as another grandson, Harry, who has been estranged from the family. , accompanied by his wife, Meghan Markle.

The queen had already missed Braemar Gathering, a Scottish folk festival she regularly attends, last weekend, as well as not returning to London to attend Liz Truss’s inauguration. Instead, the Queen received at her Scottish residence the outgoing prime minister, Boris Johnson, who came to present her resignation, and then Liz Truss, whom she officially named prime minister.

A photo of the meeting released by Buckingham Palace, which shows the queen shaking hands with Truss, immediately provoked disquiet because, according to analysts, the queen’s hand looked very purple. Elsewhere, her state of health has raised concerns since last October, when she spent a night in the hospital for medical examinations, the nature of which was never specified.

Since then, her appearances have become less frequent due to her mobility issues — and this was especially noticeable during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, where she canceled her participation in several events organized in her honor. The Queen only appeared briefly on the balcony of Buckingham Palace twice.

A few weeks later, however, she made several public appearances in Scotland, smiling and walking with the aid of a cane at an armed forces parade in Edinburgh.

The fragility of Isabel II’s health led her to start delegating more and more functions to her son Carlos, who in May delivered the Speech from the Throne in Parliament for the first time, one of the monarch’s main constitutional functions.

Unlike other European monarchs, who abdicated the throne in favor of successors — as happened in Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands — Elizabeth II made a transition of power to Charles without resorting to a formal resignation.

In May, journalist Robert Jobson told the Lusa news agency that an “unofficial constitutional transition” was underway, in which the queen remains head of state, but Prince Carlos assumes more important public duties.

In addition to the aforementioned Speech from the Throne, Prince Charles represented the monarch at Remembrance Day and at the UN climate summit (COP26), in November 2021, of the Commonwealth ceremony (an organization that brings together States and territories that were part of the empire in the past). British colonial) in March of this year and the Easter Mass in April.

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