Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be taken to Edinburgh church
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The so-called Princess Vigil will soon begin.

According to the latest information revealed by the international press, the body of Queen Elizabeth II is due in the next few hours to go to the Cathedral of St. Giles in Edinburgh.

Apparently, people close to royalty and family members must be allowed to enter the church, located on the Royal Mile, and pass by the coffin to say their goodbyes.

The queen’s body should be placed in place, starting the so-called Princess Vigil, then heading to London.

Preparations have already begun for the arrival of the queen’s coffin, the roads around the Royal Mile were even closed on Friday morning. Barriers were also placed on the street, with a large opening in the middle to allow the procession to pass. Two policemen and two security guards were also posted outside the cathedral entrance.

For now, the queen’s body remains in Balmoral Castle, where the monarch died.

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