“I don’t want to die for Putin.” Hundreds of detainees after mobilization
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Fear reigns in Russia after the announcement of partial mobilization to reinforce that country’s army in the conflict with Ukraine. Citizens arrested following protests against the measure, announced this Wednesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in what was his first speech to the nation since the outbreak of the conflict, accumulate.

According to The Guardian, there have already been more than 200 arrests. However, according to the civil rights organization OVD-Info, at least 364 people were detained for demonstrating against the measure, a number that could grow, given the extent of the protests in the country, which take place in about 23 cities.

At 19:45 (Russian time), the same means indicated that 96 people had been arrested in St. Petersburg, another 89 in Moscow, and 45 in Yekaterinburg.

In Irkutsk, Siberia, at least 10 of the 60 protesters who had gathered in a central square were detained, according to The Moscow Times.

In Russia’s third largest city, Novosibirsk, a video posted on social media shows a protester shouting that he doesn’t want to “die for Putin.” In fact, portraits of the demonstrations on social media, accompanied by arrests, are multiplying.

It is recalled that the Moscow public prosecutor warned that participation in such demonstrations or the mere dissemination of the respective calls could constitute a crime, after the first appeals to protest against the sending of soldiers in the reserve of fighting age were published on the Internet. for the war in Ukraine.

According to the public prosecutor, the convening of these demonstrations was not coordinated with the relevant authorities, which must authorize any such action, since Russia does not allow any concentration contrary to the Government’s directives.

Putin’s decree stipulated that the number of people called up for active military service would be determined by the Defense Ministry. Along these lines, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in a televised interview that 300,000 reservists with relevant combat and service experience will initially be mobilized.

In addition to the call for protests, Russia has also witnessed a sharp exodus of citizens, before the announcement this morning of a partial mobilization of reservists.

The Russian invasion – justified by Putin with the need to “denazify” and demilitarize Ukraine for Russia’s security – was condemned by the generality of the international community, which has responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing political and economic sanctions on Russia. .

The UN presented as confirmed since the beginning of the war, which today entered its 210th day, 5,916 civilians killed and 8,616 wounded, stressing that these numbers are far below the real ones.

Source: With Agencies

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