Catholics are the majority in Northern Ireland
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For the first time, Catholics are in the majority in Northern Ireland, according to a census released this fifth year.

A historic upheaval in the British province was created in 1921 to ensure that the region previously dominated by Protestants continued to become part of the United Kingdom.

The question revealed that 45.7% of the population residing in the region is Catholic or is growing in a Catholic context, compared to 43.5% who wish to be Protestant, while 9.3% do not belong to either of these two groups.

The review was published five months after the Republican party Sinn Féin, or the main representative of the nationalist Catholic community, won the regional elections for the first time in its history, that gave impetus to its proposal to call a referendum on the reunification of the island Ireland.

These new data will grow pressure for the reunification of Ireland.

Source: Euronews

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