Former Chinese justice minister sentenced to death for corruption
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A former Chinese justice minister has been sentenced to death, suspended for two years, for accepting bribes and helping criminals, including his brother, to hide illegal activities, Chinese state television reported today.

Fu Zhenghua, de 67 anos, declarou-se culpado de abuso de poder nos cargos de ministro e chefe da polícia de Pequim, entre 2005 e 2021, para ocultar crimes cometidos pelo seu irmão e outras pessoas, segundo a CCTV.

In return, Fu received cash and property worth 117 million yuan (about 17 million euros), detailed the official English-language China Daily.

Chinese media did not detail what crimes were committed by Fu’s brother, Fu Weihua.

The former minister will be sentenced to life in prison without parole if his sentence is commuted, CCTV said.

Since taking over the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, Xi has launched a vast anti-corruption campaign that has resulted in the punishment of senior Party officials, leaders of companies and public organizations, or senior army officers.

Source: With Agencies

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